Childrens’ bodies are different from adults and their development and challenges require a therapeutic approach with this in mind. With extensive experience and training in the treatment of infants and children of all ages and abilities, our physiotherapists can deliver therapy using a fun and positive approach.

Pediatric physiotherapists assess and treat children with developmental, neurological, and growth-related concerns. Our therapists have acquired a comprehensive understanding of pediatric conditions, the growing body, and developmental stages and can help to ensure your child is on the path of holistic wellness into their adult years.
Using the applied knowledge of reflexes, posture, alignment and motor milestones, your child’s therapist can assist in physical development and independence while considering your child’s unique challenges and gifts. If your child is experiencing pain, gross motor challenges, or growth or development issues, pediatric physiotherapy can help. Book an initial consultation to receive a complete assessment and custom-made plan developed collaboratively with you and your child to work towards your family’s goals.

 Pediatric Physiotherapy can help with …

  •       Delayed or atypical developmental milestones (late walkers, bum-shufflers, delayed sitting, etc.)
  •       Sports injuries, concussion and post-surgical rehabilitation
  •       Torticollis
  •       Baby flathead (plagiocephaly)
  •       Poor posture, balance and/or coordination
  •       Chronic pain
  •       Toe-walking and w-sitting
  •       Cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down Syndrome, and other neurological conditions
  •       Hypermobility
  •       Genetic conditions affecting development

Options for physiotherapy consultations are as follows:

60 minute initial consultation
60 minute initial assessment (includes written assessment report)

Follow-up treatment sessions are priced as follows:

45 minute treatment
60 minute treatment

Available in BOTH our Barrie and Parry Sound locations!



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