Fine Motor / Handwriting Skills

We serve a population of children who have delayed printing or pre-printing skills, are not motivated to print, have messy printing, show reversals in their letters, do not place their letters on the line, mix up capital and lowercase letters, always seem to rush, have an awkward pencil grasp, push too hard or too gently on the page, etc.

Our Approach

We use a multi-sensory approach to teach fine motor and handwriting skills that makes printing appear fun rather than work. Printing can appear as a game, with basic rules that can be easily taught and followed. These rules are taught in steps that build on one another to help ensure that the foundation is there before moving on too quickly. Equipment and strategies can be trialed to tailor printing to each child’s strengths.

Printing challenges are just the surface issue that one can see. Typically, the challenges stem from other issues such as pencil grasp, memory, visual motor integration, perceptual issues, etc. We look to examine what the smaller issues are, and build from those basic components from the ground up.


We run one on one treatment for fine motor and handwriting skills, as well as our Printing Power group sessions.