• Commitment  •  Client-Centered •

• Passion  •  Collaboration •

LSCTS is passionate about helping children and families. We believe strongly in a family-centered approach so together we can transform the lives of the children. We can strive to meet the needs of children so they can perform at their highest possible level. We use a collaborative approach and creative problem solving to overcome those obstacles that prevent your child from excelling in all areas of their development.

We believe each child is unique and are all able to excel if given the right tools. We are challenged with finding the key to unlock their individual abilities so they respond successfully to a variety of settings and situations.

Our dedicated team of qualified therapy professionals provide specialized therapy services. Our therapy team consists of Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Psychotherapy for parent & child counseling and Psychological-Educational Testing. This team is supported by office administration who works closely with families to provide integrated services, information and support.