Occupational therapy is all about independence with everyday activities of life.  The word “occupational” can be confusing when talking about children.  A child’s “occupation” is growing, playing, going to school and engaging in their community.

To be successful with their “occupation”, and reach their optimal potential, they must develop skills that support their development.

Having a solid foundation of skills enhances self-regulation and self-confidence.   As they develop and be successful, they build confidence to try new things and expand their ability to learn.   Through meaningful activities and play, OT facilitates the development of age-appropriate skills and instills this confidence in children to help them play, learn, and grow.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy can help children of all ages with:

  • Planning their body movements
  • Fine motor and handwriting
  • Sensory processing
  • Self-regulation
  • Organization, attention and focus
  • Self-care:  dressing, toileting, eating, sleeping and grooming

Options for OT consultations are as follows:

60 min Consultation without a written report – $250.00
60 min Consultation with a written report – $385.00
2 hour Sensory Integration and Praxis Test with a written report and follow up meeting –  $750.00

Follow up treatment sessions are as follows:

30 min treatment  $82
45 min treatment  $107
60 min treatment  $137