Lyndsey Stevenato Children’s Therapy Services

LSCTS was established in 2001 to provide Occupational Therapy services to children from birth to 18 years.  The founder, Lyndsey Stevenato, was working in the area of paediatrics and recognized a need for families to have a choice in how services for their children were received.

At the time LSCTS was founded, there were limited choices available for families that had children with difficulties and disabilities aside from publically funded agencies. These agencies were moving into a consultative model due to limited resources and had extensive waiting lists.  LSCTS was formed to give parents a choice so they could receive therapy without a long waiting period by highly qualified professionals using hands-on therapy.

We realize the financial burden that private therapy places on families so we strive to work with families so they can receive the therapy they need within their budget. We provide an inclusive service that ensures that ANY child with ANY learning or social difficulty and/or disability could access quality services.

It is recognized that often children with difficulty in one skill area also experiences difficulties in other skill areas. It is our vision to provide various therapies under one roof so families can receive a co-ordinated approach to their child’s care.

Since 2001, LSCTS continues to grow and has been blessed with superb therapists, administration staff and volunteers.

We are committed to:

  •  provide the best quality service accessible to all families.
  •  provide information for families and those working with children.
  •  continue to listen to the needs of our families and our community so we can provide services/programs necessary to meet these needs.
  • continue to network with community organizations and service providers to promote a holistic service.

LSCTS provides a range of individual and group services to children and their families.  These services are provided in our clinic although some programs are run in the community with our community partners.

Our services include initial assessments/consultations and ongoing therapy across the following disciplines:

  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Speech-Language Pathology
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Social Work and Psychotherapy for parent & child counselling
  5. Psychology (Psychological-Educational Assessment Only)

Our group programs include:

  1. Social Skills
  2. Handwriting
  3. Anxiety/Behavioural Management
  4. Summer Day Camp (Kids on The Move & Back to School)
  5. Parent Education Workshops